Looking for Friends
What are they up to now...
I have lots of leads to follow up on- my thanks to everyone who gave me leads! But it is a
HUGE task! I hope that everyone will get into the spirit of this "virtual reunion" and try to find
more alumni to "bring to the reunion". There's a BIG REWARD, you know!

Kathy Chenoweth Huber - Class of 1968

Georgene Noble '68
Mike Maier '66
I'm wondering if any of you out there from the class of 1970 would know of the whereabouts
Tom Stevens, class of '70. I understand Tom became a DeeJay and worked in central or
northern Florida under the name of Tom Steel..

He was a very good friend of my brother and I would like to touch base with him.

Any help would be muchly appreciated!

Gary Garvin - Class of 1968
Know of anyone?
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Jeff Bascomb, class of 1971, is looking for BRHS alumni living in the San Diego, CA area!
Susan Troxell Carroll is looking for Cindy Skinner! Help!