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The Beginning!
Welcome to the Boca Raton High School The Early Years: 1966-71 site. This  
page is dedicated to those who did the recon work in shaping and forming BRHS
into what it is today. And to those who generated fond memories, this is your

virtual reunion!
Nostalgia City     
The Bobcat will always bring you home!
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Military Alumni     Bruce Hurd - 1966
Remember your friends!   Alan L. Borozny '67
New Arrivals! Susan Spriggs   9-10-13
David Patterson '70 - U.S. Civil War
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Thanks go to John Sparling ('68)
for providing this wonderful feature!
Music from the Vietnam Era!
Many songs you may have
forgotten about!
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This website began
July 1, 2000
Boca Cams!
Many thanks go to Bobby Brannigan for sending us the following camera links!
Boca Raton Beach (click HERE)           Lake Boca (click HERE)